Compostable Leaf and Yard 10 Bags

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BioBag is Environmental Sustainability

It starts in the garden .... ... and ends in the garden!

The new generation garden waste bags!

BioBag Garden is the world's leading brand of compostable garden waste bags.

The BioBag Group introduced a whole new generation of bags for collection of garden waste. This new generation has the highest content of renewable resources in the market.

The bags have been through an extensive certification process according to Vincotte's certification program VGS D9. This certification program gives you the following assurances:

Our DIN Certco, OK Compost and BPI certification guarantees complete compostability according to the European Standard EN13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.

VGS classification for durability when filled with garden waste before being collected by collectors.

The bags and printing ink are completely biodegradable, compostable and certified according to the European Standard EN13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.

Durability for a minimum of

  • Class 1 - 1 week
  • Class 2 - 2 weeks
  • Class 3 - 3 weeks
  • Class 4 - 4 weeks
  • Class 5 - 5 weeks (highest possible)

BioBag Canada is proud to have achieved class 5 on our new generation of garden waste bags.

The bags can be supplied in several sizes, designs and strengths to meet your requirements.

The bags can be printed with customized logos and instructions if required.

BioBag Garden Mulch - Film For Private Gardening

BioGarden, mulch films for weed control, are available in consumer packages for use in private gardens. BioGarden is certified as compostable and completely biodegradable in soil and suited for organic farming.

On behalf of the environment - Thank you !