Essential Oil Diffuser Small

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product overview

A truly portable diffuser with USB operation and no need for water; this simple, portable diffuser uses a quiet fan to diffuse essential oils into your personal space at home or in the office. 


product information

  • product features

    • Portable USB operation
    • Can be plugged into a computer or USB wall adapter
    • No water required
    • Cool-wind diffusion
    • 1 empty bottle and 5 wicks included
  • origin

  • directions

    1. Remove the cover. Select any Aura Cacia 0.5-ounce (15 mL) essential oil bottle or create your own essential oil blend in the bottle provided.
    2. Insert wick, screw-on cap and place the bottle into the diffuser.
    3. Replace the cover. Connect to any USB power source and diffuse.
  • suggested uses

    Quick Tip To calm and relax, choose lavender essential oil for diffusion.
    Quick Tip To energize and invigorate, choose peppermint essential oil for diffusion.
    Quick Tip To cleanse and uplift, choose sweet orange essential oil for diffusion.
    Quick Tip To ground and center, choose sandalwood essential oil for diffusion.
  • package contents

    Contains 1 diffuser, 1 empty bottle and 5 replacement wicks.
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