Full Spectrum Omega 1200mg 90 Soft Gels

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Full SpectrumTM Omega

Helps support cognitive health and brain function. Helps support and maintain cardiovascular health.

Adding omega 3 fatty acids to your diet is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health. Omega 3 helps enhance brain function, learning, and mood, improves cholesterol values and heart health, reduces inflammation in joints and throughout the body, and supports the health of the eyes and skin. Every cell in the body needs the right fats to function properly. Consuming healthy fatty acids like those found in fish oil gives every cell a better chance to function more efficiently – importing nutrients and energy, dividing properly, and expelling unwanted materials. 
SISU Full Spectrum™ Omega Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is defined by Nature and respects Nature. It is carefully manufactured from sustainably-caught salmon and provides the full, natural range of whole fatty acids in ratios that reflect those found in wild salmon for increased bioavailability and environmental responsibility.

Product Information

  • High-potency, pure, wild salmon oil
  • Provides the full range of 17 naturally-occurring fatty acids, including the essential omega 3 and 6 as well as omega 5, 7, and 9
  • Manufactured using a proprietary process that eliminates potential impurities without changing the ratio of naturally-occurring whole omega fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, the active compounds in omega 3
  • Omega 3 EPA and DHA support brain, heart, and eye health, reduce inflammation, and improve the health of the skin
  • Source of natural vitamin D3 and astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant derived from specially-grown, freshwater algae free from environmental contaminants and with no impact on any marine environment
  • Naturally preserved with antioxidant GMO-free tocopherols, rosemary leaf extract and thyme and clary sage oils

SISU Advantages

  • Sustainably-caught, wild salmon oil from the pristine, cold waters of Alaska
  • IFFO-certified* for environmentally-responsible sourcing and production
  • Guaranteed free of environmental contaminants such as PCBs, dioxins, furans, and heavy metals, including mercury and lead
  • Made with Halal and Kosher-certified bovine gelatin
  • Contains no ingredients that are a source of gluten
  • Good Manufacturing Practices standards
  • NPN approved

    *International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization, global standard for responsible supply


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Sizes Units
90 1200mg soft gels
180 1200mg soft gels

Each soft gelatin capsule contains:
Medicinal ingredient:
Fish oil (Salmon) (Salmonidae – whole)...1,200 mg
(101 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), 90 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid))
Vitamin D3...2.5 mcg (100 IU)
(vitamin D, cholecalciferol)Non-medicinal ingredients:astaxanthin (10 mcg), tocopherols (non GMO), organic clary sage essential oil, white thyme essential oil, rosemary leaf extract, monoglycerides (vegetable).Capsule shell:gelatin (bovine), glycerin (vegetable), purified water.

Contains no dairy, wheat, artificial preservatives, or artificial colours.Adult dosage:Take 3 capsules 1 time per day or as directed by a health care practitioner.