Gluten Free Raw Spirulina Wraps 100g

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   Looking for some B12 in your diet? We got you covered! Our gluten free, raw, vegan spirulina wrawp is filled with B12 making it easier than ever before to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need, especially if you’re pursing a vegan diet. This delicious wrap contains the super food spirulina which contains 3900% more iron than spinach, 2800% more beta-carotene than carrots, 280% more antioxidants than berries and 600% more protein than tofu! Not only is this super food giving you tons of nutrients and vitamins, it strengthens immune systems, boost your energy level, and reduces cholesterol issues. Score! This wrawp makes it being healthier more attainable than ever before by all the desirable benefits and how good it tastes!

   This wrawp is perfect for any meal, on the go at work or school or while exercising. Trying to get your family and friends to eat more vegetables? They will barely notice how healthy they are eating with how delicious this tastes! Since the size of the wrawps are large, it’s a beautiful blank canvas for all your ingredients making a filling meal or great leftovers! Either way, the taste and the deliciousness of the wrawp stays consistent!