Inno Calcium Magnesium Phosphorus Boron 120 Caps

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Inno-Cal-Mag Complex with Boron

Promotes healthy bones and the prevention of osteoporosis

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The latest addition to Inno-Vite's bone health line is Inno-Cal-Mag Complex with Boron. The same exceptional formula of Inno-Cal-Mag Complex is now available with the added benefits of Boron.

Key Benefits:

  • Strongly recommended for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis
  • Magnesium activates the enzyme that triggers formation of calcium crystals in bone, and converts vitamin D to its active form
  • Formulated with Boron to promote bone health by preventing calcium loss and bone demineralization
  • Also formulated with Phosphorus, zinc, vitamin C and D3 to further support Calcium absorption
  • Formulated with Calcium Phosphate, a highly bioavailable form of calcium
  • Liquid Softgel allows for an easier digestion and absorption than tablets

INNO-CAL-MAG® Family Overview

Calcium has been the most obvious choice of dietary supplements for improving bone health. While calcium is crucial, taking it alone may not enough. To actually get calcium into your bones, the body relies on other vitamins and minerals like magnesium. INNO-CAL-MAG® Complex offers the most bioavailable form of calcium and the necessary co-factors in the correctly balanced ratios to help promote bone health.

The products in the Inno-Cal-Mag family of products have been formulated to restore bone health by repairing weak, demineralised bones and prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Our goal is for you to provide you a powerful in your path to reclaiming your active lifestyle and wellness.

Inno-Cal-Mag with Boron

Why Boron? Recent studies indicate that Boron is important in the promotion of bone and joint health, particularly in women. Adequate intake of minerals such as Boron can largely prevent osteoporosis. The findings of many studies on Boron suggest that maintaining adequate levels, particularly in the presence of adequate levels of magnesium, can help prevent calcium loss and bone demineralization in post menopausal women. In one particular human study, post menopausal women taking 3 mg of Boron per day, had a decreased loss of calcium compared to women who were not given Boron. The mechanism of action is not clearly known; however, it is believed that Boron has a slight estrogenic effect that helps to prevent loss of calcium ingested from supplements or from one's diet. In other words, adding Boron to the formula ensures that individuals are going to better retain the calcium that is provided in this new formulation.

Directions for Use: Adults: Take 2 softgels twice daily with meals, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Warnings: For adult use only. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if  
you have an estrogen-dependent cancer. 
Do not use if you are pregnant or 

Known Adverse Reactions: Some people may experience diarrhoea when taking more than 350mg of magnesium daily. 

Cautions: Do not use if the seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place to preserve freshness.

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