Kalamata Pitted Olives Jar 375mL

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1. How are the olives made?

Our organic olives are handpicked from a family orchard in Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece, the region best known for producing olives in the whole world. The olives are then sorted to ensure quality and then further sorted by size. Next, they are cured in barrels of brine made with local fresh spring water and local Cretan sea salt. Finally, the olives are pitted before being put into glass jars. Because they are cured using traditional age-old methods, and not by using caustic soda like many of the olives on the market, not only are they healthier but also fresher and better tasting.

2. Why do the olives come in different shades of green or purple?

This is an organic and 100% natural product. This is because they are left in their natural state without the use of dyes or acids, which many other companies use to make the olives more appealing.

Acropolis Organics Other Companies
We use organic fertilizers (sheep manure, olive leaves and tree mulch) and remove weeds through mechanical means. They use chemicals and pesticides such as RoundUp to kill the weeds. RoundUp kills everything in the ground, including the friendly microorganisms that are important for the growth of the olive tree & the nutrition value of the olives.
We use natural ways such as traps with orange juice for insects that damage the olives. They use pesticides that are toxic to kill these insects. The fruit absorbs these toxins and hence our bodies do too.
Our orchards consist of rolling hills. We have a limited harvest to ensure the highest quality. They mass produce in a linear fashion.
We have more sunlight hours per year and higher altitude. Great taste directly from the olive tree without artificial flavours. They have fewer sunlight hours and lower altitude, which lowers the quality, which is masked by adding flavours.
We handpick our olives. They use big mechanical tractors, which hit the trees, bruise the olives and weaken the roots of the tree.
Our ingredients are certified organic and locally sourced. They source their olives from various different farms and cannot guarantee organic olives.
Our olives are cured in traditional brine (local spring water and local sea salt), resulting in the presence of probiotic bacteria. They cure their olives in caustic soda or sodium hydroxide to decrease the time of the curing process. This destroys the health benefits in the olives and the probiotic bacteria.
We take the time to cure our olives naturally. They use chemicals to speed up the process of curing.
Our olives keep their natural shape and do not need to be manipulated with chemicals. When speeding up the process of curing, they have to use other chemicals, such as sorbic acid, to prevent the fruit from dissolving.
We use organic grape vinegar to reduce the PH of the brine. They use acetic acid, a chemical base, to reduce the PH.
We bring you real kalamata olives. They do not sell kalamata olives, which are only found in Greece.
Our olives do not need to be treated to change their colour. They are already dark in colour. Their olives are cured with lye and exposed to the air to trigger oxidation, which can change the colour of a green olive into a black olive to mimic kalamata olives.
Each olive is slightly different in colour. This is because they are left in their natural state without the use of dyes or acids. To keep the green colour, they use ascorbic acid. The olives are further dyed with colour so that they can all look the same.
We do not need to sterilize our olives with high temperatures. They have to sterilize the olives using a higher temperature than usual, which can further kill nutrients.
From harvesting to curing the olives and packing them, everything is done on a family orchard in Argolida, Peloponnese, Greece, to ensure the highest quality possible. Each step of the process takes place at different sites, different cities and different countries, which leads to problems with quality control.

Health Benefits

  1. Reduces risk of heart disease & stroke
  2. Protects cells against cancer & DNA damage
  3. Protects cells against cancer & DNA damage
  4. Helps with osteoporosis
  5. Eliminates excess cholesterol in the blood
  6. Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  7. Controls blood pressure
  8. Helps prevent blood clots
  9. Reduces the effect of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s
  10. Helps with allergies
  11. Enhances fertility
  12. Helps burn fat for up to 5 hours after eating