Arctic Cod Liver Oil Lemon 237ml

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Our classic Arctic Cod Liver Oil has always been derived from 100% wild Arctic cod—no other fish oils or synthetic additives are ever used. Unlike fermented oils, our cod liver oils are manufactured to eliminate free fatty acids and prevent rancidity. They support the heart, brain, and nervous system, and promote optimal immune system function.


  • Essential cognitive health and brain function support
  • Wild caught and sustainably sourced 100% wild Arctic cod
  • Essential fatty acids to promote heart health
  • Easily absorbed, natural triglyceride form
  • Promotes optimal immune system function
  • No artificially derived colouring, flavouring, or preservatives


One teaspoon daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. Best if used within 3 months after opening. Refrigerate after opening.