Organic Kamut(Pharoahs) Flour 567g

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Kamut® khorasan wheat flour is perfect for anyone looking for a whole grain addition to their baked goods. Look through your favorite recipes for ones that call for wheat flour, such as bread dough, muffins, scones, homemade tortillas, pizza crust, pancakes and crepes. Prepare your recipes as directed, substituting an equal amount of Kamut® wheat flour for the wheat flour called for. Our organic Kamut® whole grain flour also makes outstanding whole wheat pasta with a superior texture and flavor.

Legend says that Kamut® grain came from the time of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. According to legend, this ancient grain was found in the Egyptian tombs! In Turkey, farmers call this ancient wheat “Camel’s Tooth” because of the shape of the grains, or the “Prophet’s Wheat,” because the Old Testament’s Noah was said to have brought it on the ark. We carefully stone grind this plump, rich grain into superb baking flour that can be substituted for wheat flour with great success. It is a good source of fiber and protein. One 1/4-cup servings contains 110 calories and essential amino acids.

While khorasan is one of the many varieties of wheat and does contain gluten, some people with wheat allergies or sensitivities report anecdotally that they can digest Kamut® wheat without difficulties. In fact, Kamut International funds ongoing research to explore this further. One theory is that because Kamut® wheat is an ancient wheat that hasn’t been genetically engineered or hybridized, it has kept many desirable properties that have been bred out of modern durum wheat, much like spelt.