Smoked Sardine Fillets 190mL

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Wild-Caught Fish Flavors:

  • Skinless, Boneless Smoked Sardine Fillets
  • Wild Herring Fillets Seasoned with Cracked Pepper
  • All-Natural Smoked Wild Kippers
  • All-Natural Hardwood Smoked Atlantic Mackerel
  • Wild Herring Fillets in Cabernet Wine Sauce
  • Wild Herring Fillets in Tomato Basil Sauce
  • Wild Herring Fillets in Stone-ground Mustard Sauce
  • Wild-caught and sustainably harvested
  • All-natural premium gourmet
  • High in Omega-3, protein and calcium
  • No artificial preservatives or MSG – ever!
  • Simple, understandable ingredients
  • Hand-sorted and hand-packed fresh from the Gulf of Maine

When you live on the coast of Maine, your life is ruled by water. Waves, gulls in the sky, the thrilling tug of a fish on the line. Our herring, mackerel, and kippers keep the clean bite of cold, clear water in mind. All our seafood has the snap of crisp offshore wind, and is made by people who grew up on the water. It's as close to "fresh off the boat" as you can get.


    Skinless, Boneless
    Smoked Sardine Fillets

    Ingredients: Wild Caught Sustainable Harvested Naturally Wood Smoked Sardine Fillets, Salt.