Toothpowder Teeth and Gums Turmeric and Cacao Cinnamon 40g

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  • Soothes Gums & Mouth.
  • Polishes Teeth.
  • Oral Defense Power of Xylitol.
  • Rethinking Oral Care.



An exciting new approach to oral care, our Turmeric Tooth Powder polishes teeth and soothes your gums & mouth. Formulated with cold-pressed cacao husk powder and xylitol, which has been independently clinically demonstrated to fight cavities and promote optimal oral health.

Turmeric is an ancient Eastern Medicine used to reduce pain & inflammation, we’ve discovered that these principles also apply to oral care. It’s also been recently discovered that cacao husk powder promotes strong teeth & healthy gums. We combined these two ingredients with the oral defense power of xylitol to provide another cutting edge tooth powder.

Our team is based in Central Texas in a lovely community called New Braunfels. What started as a farmers market brand, and we’re now one of the most in-demand oral care companies, worldwide, yet we still do the same market every Saturday to never forget our roots.