Tristar CoQ10 100mg 120 Soft Gels

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How To Supplement With Co-Q10

Co-Q10 is best taken in divided doses (ideally two to four times daily) with food. It is compatible with all supplements and side effects are virtually unknown. There is a caution to be noted in people who use anti-coagulant medications because Co-Q10 can make those medications more potent. Check with your doctor if you take any blood thinning prescription drugs.


Side Effects Of Co-Q10

Aside from longevity, documented side effects of Co-Q10 in doses ranging from 30 - 1200 mg a day are minor and include some stomach upsets, appetite suppression, nausea and diarrhea in very sensitive individuals. Taking Co-Q10 late during the day might induce insomnia in some individuals due to its energy enhancing effects.