All Natural Sea Sponge

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Meet the super-sudsing and sustainable all-natural sea sponge!

Warm water and your favorite body wash turn this unbleached deep-sea treasure into a cleansing, stimulating, and circulation-boosting washcloth. 

Our All-Natural Sea Sponges are sustainably harvested and require little care. Simply rinse, squeeze out excess water, and store in a dry place.

  • Never Bleached, Sustainably-Harvested, and Eco-friendly
  • Boosts blood circulation while cleansing the skin
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin (including babies)
  • Ideal for use in the bath or shower

BENEFITS: The All-Natural Sea Sponge is good for your body and the planet. These natural body sponges add a wonderful softness to bath or shower time. Ideal for babies and anyone with sensitive skin. Create healthier skin while doing good for the planet. Read more about the benefits: Why we love natural sea sponges and you should, too!

HOW TO USE: Add body wash to the natural sea sponge and rub until you create a rich lather. Gently cleanse the skin. Rinse with water afterward and squeeze out the sponge. Leave it out or hang it to air dry.