Bovine Gelatin Powder Original 250g

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Strengthen from the inside out! Bovine Gelatin is a source of essential amino acids your body needs to rebuild and renew, made from the hides of grass-fed cows.


Collagen is a type of protein - our most abundant - that is found in bone, muscles, skin and tendons. It is our natural scaffolding - it holds the body together. We make our own collagen, but over time with habits like a high-sugar diet, smoking, excess sun exposure, and the natural act of aging, our collagen depletes faster than we can replenish it. This leads to wrinkles and prematurely aged skin, weak joints and bones and a decreased ability to heal and recover. There are ways to increase our collagen by increasing our intake from food and supplementary sources. Organika’s Bovine Gelatin Powder is a very convenient one!

In the past, we ate many sources of collagen in our diet naturally. We ate animal skins, we simmered our soups and stews with animal bones and joints, we ate gristly pieces of meat. We had collagen naturally in our day to day meals. In our current society, the vast majority of the time we are only eating the muscle meat, which has lots of good benefits but is not a great source of these collagen connective proteins. We are missing these natural dietary sources of collagen.

Collagen and its many forms can be a bit confusing. Here is a primer on the differences. Collagen is the name of the protein itself, found in all animals (including us) to give our bodies structure. When collagen from animal parts are cooked, this is what is referred to a gelatin. Gelatin is easier to digest and more palatable - we would have to gnaw on raw tendons and bones otherwise! When gelatin is added to hot liquids or sauces, it goes ‘gelatinous’ when it cools. That’s how it makes jello jiggly. Bone broth, when we’re making these animal parts in a long-simmered stock, is a fantastic source of gelatin. Gelatin is the stuff that congeals at the top when your broth cools. Hydrolyzed collagen powders, like our Enhanced Collagen products, are a form of collagen proteins that are slightly more processed than gelatin. They can be easier for some to digest, and also dissolve in any temperature of water. They don’t make things all gelatinous like gelatin - they stay fluid. Organika’s Bone Broth Powders, Bovine Gelatin Powder and Enhanced Collagen Powders all contain collagen proteins. They have different uses and flavour profiles, giving you a vast array of ways to increase your collagen intake.