Do Matcha Masters Decaf 30g

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DōMatcha® was the first company to bring a very special offering to consumers outside of Japan: a high-quality decaf Japanese matcha green tea. Master’s Decaf is an innovative matcha produced using a proprietary water decaffeination technique, leaving it with only a miniscule amount of caffeine, similar to decaf coffee, but retaining its high nutritional value and L-theanine content.

Master’s Decaf is the perfect offering for anyone wishing to buy decaffeinated matcha tea. While the amounts of most matcha tea powder caffeine are still lower than those in coffee beverages, a true decaffeinated matcha powder is the perfect option for anyone caffeine-sensitive or wishing to prepare matcha in the evening, while still enjoying the nutritional benefits of matcha. Many people report difficulty being able to buy decaffeinated matcha tea; we hope you love our premium decaf matcha as much as we do.

DōMatcha® is 100% authentic Japanese stone-ground green tea, directly from Kagoshima and Uji, Kyoto where Japanese matcha originated, and most high-quality Japanese matcha is produced today. DōMatcha® is partnered with the famous 16th-generation Japanese tea master Kazunori Handa-san, whose family’s knowledge and expertise has been handed down generation after generation for over 400 years.

All of DōMatcha®’s matcha and green tea products are cultivated, harvested, and processed carefully every step of the way to product the highest quality Japanese matcha possible. DōMatcha® is created in the traditional style to stay true the ancient roots of matcha. Our Master’s line, containing our Master’s Decaf matcha and also our caffeinated Master’s Choice matcha, are unique, premium offerings blended by Kazunori Handa-san, our 16th-Generation Tea Master, meticulously produced in the Kyoto region of Japan from young, shade-grown tencha green tea leaves.

Even though Master’s Decaf is a decaffeinated matcha, it can still aid in bolstering concentration and mental stimulation without caffeine. Matcha is one of nature’s largest sources of L-theanine, a very special amino acid that can induce a state of focus and calm and have a positive effect on mental wellness. The exceptionally high L-theanine content in Master’s Decaf matcha provides improved alertness and relaxation.