Floral Water Rose 180ml

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Pure Rose Floral Water, the regenerating one

Pure Rose floral water (Rosa Damascena) is the most popular and sought after! It leaves your skin radiant and refreshed.
Thanks to its soothing properties, the Pure Rose will act as:
- excellent skin tonic
- tensor effect that fights against aging
- soothing redness
- purifying, it is very interesting on oily skin
- ideal for dry and sensitive skin Its delicate fragrance, powerful, fresh and soft, brings a subtle note to your homemade cosmetics.

Our floral waters are natural. They are obtained by steam distillation of flowers, petals or leaves in Provence, France. They are all alcohol-free and guaranteed without synthetic fragrance.
This Essencia line is a real invitation to the natural benefits of floral waters on our skin.

Effective and quick, we recommend that you use this floral water as long as necessary. However, we advise you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Aromatherapy can not replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.



Natural Pure Rose floral water (Rosa damascena, flowers, petals). Distilled in Provence, France



  • Apply or diffuse on a clean face or body, every morning and night.
  • Do not rince.



External use only.