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Test your ketosis with our Keto Strips!

When on a ketogenic diet, the goal is to achieve ketosis – the metabolic state where the body burns fat instead of glucose for fuel. While in ketosis, your body also makes an abundance of ketones. Ketone test strips are thin paper strips that detect ketones in urine. The colour chart provided helps you estimate what level of ketosis you’re in—the darker the color, the higher the level of ketosis.

Read how-to-use Keto Strips on Label Information. If you want to check your urine ketones day-to-day, stick with a specific time, like in the morning or several hours after your last meal of the day, for best comparison. (*)

A ketogenic diet can create a variety of positive health changes:

• Weight loss
• More energy
• Better blood sugar control
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Protection against degenerative diseases
• Better mental health
• Increased athletic performance
• And much, much more….

A ketogenic diet may create a variety of positive health changes but as the body adapts to this alteration in cellular metabolism, you may not feel great. You can offset this period of keto flu and ensure optimal health by supplementing with the Keto key supplements from Prairie Naturals.

  • Monitor ketone levels 
  • Reagent strips 
  • Results in 40 seconds