Magnesium Chloride Liquid 237mL

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We've discontinued the large 16 oz (473 ml) size of our Magnesium Chloride Gel and are now offering it at 60% off, while quantities last! (Pictured here is the 8 oz bottle)

This product is selling at little more than the cost of shipping for such a large container, so if you love transdermal magnesium, grab this deal now!

Note that the expiry on this discounted product is September 2017, however, in our experience there is no degradation of the product after the expiry.  If you prefer to purchase our latest lot of magnesium chloride gel, look for MagTherapy Gel in our online store. The label is changed, but it's the same highly-absorbable product.

All purchases of this product are final once shipped (no refunds or exchanges on these bottles, please). Most products ship within one business day.


Magnesium chloride gel is a form of transdermal magnesium chloride that is absorbed quickly through the skin, delivering magnesium directly to cells.

Provides measurable relief from muscle tension, spasms, cramps, aches and pains - and it softens skin!

Use Magnesium Chloride Gel at your massage therapy session, after a workout, a long day hunched over a desk - or anytime you experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency. 

Formulated with plant-based Amigel for easy application, Mag Chloride Gel is equivalent in strength to our MagTherapy Spray and is half the potency of our MagTherapy Liquid.

Magnesium absorbed through the skin is fast and effective.


Directions for Use: Apply directly to the skin and rub into muscles.

Shower or wipe away excess after 20 – 30 minutes, to allow time for the magnesium to fully absorb.

Cautions and Warnings:   For external use only.  Keep away from the eyes.

Ingredients:  Each 1ml of gel contains 225mg of magnesium chloride, equivalent to 60mg of elemental magnesium.

Non-medicinal ingredients: AmigelTM, a 100% natural gelling and stabilizing polysaccharide agent (no petroleum).

Contains no fragrance.

Health Canada Natural Product Licence Number:  80033746