Melissa Dream 60 Coated Tablet

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Melissa Dream

60 tablets

- Helps relieve mental stress and stress-related anxiety
- Helps promote restful sleep
- Helps relieve sleeplessness

      Melissa Dream is based on the studies of how plant extracts can be used to calm your mind and body. 



      Melissa Dream is designed to support deep relaxation and promote 
      sound sleep. Its ingredients lemon balm, L-theanine, chamomile, 
      B vitamins and magnesium are calmative and help reduce restlessness 
      and mental stress, which in turn help improve sleep. Scientific studies 
      show that L-theanine directly promotes alpha brain wave activity. 
      Those alpha waves are generated during a relaxed mental state, or during 
      meditation. Lemon balm and chamomile extracts were also demonstrated 
      to reduce symptoms of stress-related tension and anxiety, according to 
      clinical studies, thereby helping reduce insomnia (such as difficulty 
      falling asleep, restless nights, wakening during the night, wakening at dawn) 
      and improve sleep.



       Melissa Dream is a formula of carefully selected lemon balm leaves and chamomile flowers, which are picked, dried, and extracted so that the desired herbal substance is preserved. Lemon Balm is known to relieve stress and reduce sleep disturbance. It works synergistically with chamomile, known to promote sound sleep. Lemon Balm has been traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid.

      L-THEANINE: creates a sense a relaxation by directly stimulating the creation of alpha waves in the brain. It also stimulates the production of neurotransmitters that play an important role for relaxation. 



      For sleep disorders: Take 2 to 3 tablets before bedtime. 
      For stress relief: Take 1 tablet during the day, as needed.

      CAUTIONS & WARNINGS: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consumption with alcohol, other medication or health products with sedative properties is not recommended. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen or if sleeplessness persists continuously for more than 3 weeks (chronic insomnia). Do not use if blister package is broken. Keep out of reach of children.

      CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use if you are allergic to plants of the Asteraceae (daisy) family.

      ADVERSE REACTIONS: Hypersensitivity, such as allergy, has been known to occur, in which case, discontinue use. Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle or involved in activities requiring mental alertness.

      Melissa Dream 60 Tablets