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Nature’s Aid’s all natural lip balms contain only the best natural and organic ingredients which have been specially formulated to heal, nourish, moisturize and protect your lips. Silky and smooth, these balms glide over your lips to provide a fresh, lightly scented (or unscented) layer of hydration to ease dry lips, provide relief from sunburn, create a barrier against infection and irritations, or simply keep your lips fabulous and radiant.

Why You’ll Love our Natural Lip Balms

Intense moisturization for speedy healing

With a blend of nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, our lip balms will help heal chapped or cracked lips faster.  By restoring moisture, nourishing your lips our lip balms also help prevent further irritations or infections.

The perfect  base for your lip

Soft and supple lips lead to a healthier & more youthful appearance. And, they make your lipstick look better too. By creating a smooth surface, your colour goes on without any fuss or bumps.

Protection against the elements

Thanks to our high levels of antioxidants, our lip balms provide a natural barrier against the hazardous elements your lips face on a daily basis including the wind, UV rays, the cold and pollution. Making them a must have all year long.

Moisturizer that Last

If you want your lip balm to provide lasting hydration needs two types of moisturisers; an occlusive and humectant. Without these two, you’re either apply moisture that quickly disappears, or not applying enough to start. That’s why so many lip balms make you want to apply the balm again and again. Every stick of Nature’s Aid True Natural Lip Balm contains several rich humectants (olive oilhemp seed oil and sunflower oil), and occlusive (beeswax and sunflower oil). Therefore, leaving your lips smooth for ages.

Ingredients you can trust

Our lip balms are made exclusively with natural and organic ingredients, specially chosen to care for your lips. We don’t use any hard preservatives or any other irritating ingredients that might irritate your lips. Additionally, our lip balms are scented with only natural flavourings. There are no artificial flavours that might irritate your lips.



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