Organic Raw Wild Flower Honey 500g

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Organic certification requires a forage area that provides a 3 km radius (or 28 sq. km) around the hive that is free of prohibited substances. This eliminates beekeepers that are located near conventional farms, golf courses or industry. Organic beekeepers must also source organically raised replacement bees, must feed with organic honey and must use organic beeswax for comb foundations.

True Canadian organic certified honey is extremely rare due to the strict requirements. Some honey that are sold as organic in Canada and USA are not organic at all. Many companies market their honey as Canadian organic, but they’re usually mixed with foreign honey. If you see organic honey in large quantities, chances are it’s not Canadian organic.

Oneroot organic honey is sourced from vast northern Canadian wilderness and have been certified by Ecocert® Canada. Our organic honey is guaranteed to be 100% pure Canadian and free of chemicals.

If you wish to learn more about organic honey, please contact us or visit the government website (