Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 454g

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Our Virgin coconut oil, whose light texture gives it the advantage of being easy to spread, has a soft and subtle taste and a fresh and suave aroma. The nutrients in the coconut are preserved through the natural process of extracting, drying, cold-pressing and filtering the fresh pulp. Multiply the ways of cooking, your dishes will take on a touch of sunshine to enhance all flavours.

Without GMOs, our coconut oil, like any good vegetable oil, does not contain any cholesterol. It is an important source of lauric acid and has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Did you know? Indonesia, the Philippines and India are the largest producers of coconuts.





Taste, colour and health benefits are preserved because our oils are cold-extracted and bottled in inert containers that protect them. Our choices require more effort and make all the difference.

  • Use: Provide dishes with an exotic flavour and replace butter or margarine in pastry recipes.
  • Smoke Point (?) : 374 ° F/190 ° C
  • Extraction (?) : First cold-pressed - Raw
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Ingredients: Coconut.
  • Certifications: GMO-Free - Gluten-Free - Organic Canada -Kosher by MK