Prepared Wasabi In Tube 43g

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S&B is best known for our wasabi - the most important Japanese condiment used to accompany traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi, sashimi and buckwheat noodles. Wasabi creates a short, sharp sensation of heat in your nose with its pungent aroma. 
S&B wasabi paste is easy to use and is designed for those of you who enjoy the pungent flavour of wasabi. All S&B Wasabi Paste products for Europe, 43g, 90g & 310g (food service), contain Wasabia Japonica, which brings more sensitive/deep taste and flavour to your mouth.

You can enjoy its unique flavour and pungency just by adding it to many kinds of food, such as soy sauce for Sashimi and Sushi, Soba and Udon as a standard way to be used in Japan. Also the usage can be arranged in many ways, such as a dipping sauce by mixing with Mayonnaise and your favorite salad dressing, or adding it to the butter to give a rich wasabi flavour to your dishes. Also, adding it to Chinese foods, such as seafood salad, dim sum and hot pot, is another way to enjoy Wasabi Paste!


Prepared Wasabi In Tube 43g (For Europe)

  • • Contains 43g of wasabi paste ready to be used
  • • Tube is easy to squeeze with universally-designed easy-open cap.
  • • Multilingual packaging (English/German/French/Dutch),
    complies with EU regulation.
  • • Printed date (BBD) : dd/mm/yyyy