Probiotic-10 50Billion 50 Caps

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  • Source of probiotics
  • Provides live microorganisms that temporarily modify gut flora
  • Mega Potency 50 Billion, 10 Strains
  • Dairy and Gluten-Free
  • Ultra-Premium formula for more acute/severe therapeutic needs

This mega-potency formula is ideal for use in cases acute/severe need, or for those looking to achieve maximum health benefits. NOW® Probiotic-10™ offers a balanced spectrum of live organisms consisting of acid-resistant probiotic bacterial strains that are known to naturally colonize the human GI tract. Probiotic bacteria are critical for healthy digestion, help maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining, support proper intestinal motility and participate in the detoxification process. Probiotic-10™ utilizes bacterial strains that have been clinically validated for their support of healthy immune system function. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

NPN 80015430


50 Veg Capsules


Adult Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily preferably with or before meals and at least 2-3 hours before or after antibiotics. Keep refrigerated to maintain high potency.



Each capsule contains:

Lactobacillus paracasei, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis, Lactobacillus
plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum,
Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus casei,
Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus reuteri................................50 Billion cfu

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Cellulose, Veg Capsule (hypromellose, water), Fructooligosaccharides, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Silica.



If you have fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea or severe abdominal pain, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. May contain soy. Do not use this product if you have an immune-compromised condition (e.g. AIDS, lymphoma, patients undergoing long-term corticosteroid treatment). Discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner if symptoms of digestive upset (e.g. diarrhoea) occur, worsen, or persist beyond 3 days.