Pur Pure Shampoo 250mL

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New opalescent formula

Absolute simplicity and purity made for the respect for the most delicate hair and scalp. Fragrance-free, ultra-mild embellishing shampoo. 

Made only from a few respectful ingredients: pure and simple formula! Without any fragrance or essential oil to avoid any interference with an delicate condition.

Pure extracts of calendula flower, white clay oil and virgin coconut.

''I am extremely sensitive to any products with perfumes and the majority of beauty and cleaning products and I have difficulties in finding products which I don't have allergenic reaction in my country. I have a strong contact dermatitis, and also atopic and seborrhoea dermatitis. ... For my satisfaction, none of the products caused me the usual allergies. Better than that, they got me soft and beautiful hair and skin. T. Tavares

Ultra gentle, odourless and allergen free. Formulated with virgin coconut oil, white clay and calendula flower, rich in amino acids. Nourishes the hair and respects the most sensitive scalps.

Directions: Apply a small quantity onto wet hair. Massage and rinse, repeat if necessary.

Certified ecologic, organic, vegan, readily biodegradable. No wheat, no gluten, no GMO