Sea Vegetables Weight Loss 270g

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Sea vegetables are created through the power of solar energy. Vitamins, minerals, photo nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids are sea vegetables DNA. to life through photosynthesis. Thus, sea vegetables are the word’s most potent food source. Due to their extreme nutrient profile, density and bio availability, sea vegetables are the greatest green super food available on th planet.

WEIGHT LOSS formula provides nature’s multivitamin with added flax to support immune, energy and natural well being benefits. This formula has added bladder wrack and kelp which is a great source of iodine that is know for healthy thyriod support.

1 tsp is equal to 10 servings of fruit and vegetable in nutrient density as the bio availability is 98%. All formulas are alkalizing, pH balancing and detoxifying.

Ingredients: Spirulina, chlorella, E3live AFA, bladder wrack, kelp, irish moss, red marine algae, dulse