Semolina Pasta Flour 680g

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Are you starting your pasta making adventure and wondering which flour type to use for your pasta dough recipe? Semolina, made from the finest durum wheat, is commonly used to make fresh pasta dough, but it also makes a magnificent loaf of bread. Now you can buy semolina flour and make homemade pasta dough for lasagna, fettuccine, ravioli, and nearly every other pasta shape with the same durum flour professionals use! If you use a pasta maker, you'll be delighted with the superior results when you switch from all purpose flour or rice flour to our finest quality durum semolina.

Fresh pasta is available in stores, but nothing beats homemade fresh pasta from your kitchen. Not only can you create different pasta shapes than are readily available at your corner market, but you can fine tune your recipe to produce the perfect pasta dough for everything from sturdy ravioli to delicate angel hair.

Looking to create a different kind of pasta dough? You can easily add ingredients like pureed spinach or beets to your dough to produce pasta dough with brilliant color, or even add whole wheat flour for whole grain pasta. With our Semolina Flour, you’re in charge of the recipe and the type of dough you want.