Sensitive Wipes Unscented 56pcs

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When we introduced our 100% compostable Eco Sensitive Wipes, they were the result of many years of intense work and development. Over time they have been continuously refined, and now we present a new generation of our award winning wipes, with further major improvements of thickness, softness and a new, all natural formulation. All but one variation of the wipes are unscented and they are all top performing (gets the job done with only one wipe per change), completely eco friendly and free from harmful chemicals. As the perfect complement to our eco diapers or pull up pants, be assured that Naty’s natural ingredients are not only beneficial to the planet but also to children.



Natural & Renewable Material


Our wipes are made of 100 % FSC certified and totally chlorine free wood pulp, responsibly harvested from Scandinavian forests and are thus fully biodegradable. We also use natural ingredients extracted directly from plants, instead of creating them synthetically. All of our products are 100% GMO free.


Extra Thick & Soft


We’ve updated our wipes to be both thicker and softer. This is both for functional reasons – you won’t need more than one wipe per change – and comfort reasons. Babies love the feeling of a soft wipe too!


Chlorine Free


Naty wipes are 100% totally chlorine free, unbleached and contain no parabens or phalates whatsoever – just another way we have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals coming into contact with your baby’s skin.