Shower Cap

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Keeps water out and hair dry.

The Use It or Lose It Shower Cap is designed to keep water out and your hairdo intact. Our fuss-free shower cap is perfect for rushed mornings and impromptu evenings. Roomy enough for even long hair to stay dry. The soft elastic is designed to grip your head firmly yet gently to keep water out while avoiding the tell-tale forehead marks. 

  • 100% waterproof
  • Oversized and double-layered to keep hair dry
  • Durable, secure, and firm yet gentle
  • Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Cruelty-free 

BENEFITS: The Use it Or Lose it Shower Cap is designed to keep your hair dry and your style intact. This shower cap is easy to use, comfortable, durable, and secure. It keeps water out and hair dry, yet the elastic is gentle enough to avoid forehead marks. Eco-friendly and natural.

HOW TO USE: Place the cap over your head before showering. For longer hair, wrap the hair in a bun to ensure it all is collected within the cap.