Sparkling Mix Blood Orange Juice 750mL

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Appellation Italy
Classification 100% natural grape juice; completely alcohol free; no sugar, preservatives or colourings added
Grape variety Lambrusco and Sangiovese
Trellis system espallier, cordone speronato, G.D.C.
Vinification the pressing is followed by a short cold maceration. Soft crushing, draining, cooling, cleaning and storage of the grape must in sterilized tanks at a temperature of 0 °C to avoid any alcoholic fermentation.
Taking of foam obtained by the addition of natural carbon dioxide coming from the natural fermentation of other grape must through the Charmat method
Processing after the taking of foam process, further filtering and addition of natural blood orange flavour
Colour ruby red colour
Bouquet fresh and fruity with blood orange hints
Taste orange scent
Serving temperature 8-10 °C.
Food matches rich in minerals, it is the perfect drink at any time, whether it is a special occasion or an informal one with friends or family. It is a nicely refreshing drink, especially in summer time. Being totally alcohol free, with no preservatives nor sulphur dioxide added, it is particularly suitable for children and for all those people who look for a very pleasing and healthy drink