The Only Headband

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Soft, Delicate, and Bamboo.

It’s lightweight. It’s soft. It’s supple. It’s bamboo. It holds your hair back without ruining the “do”.  The Only Headband is just that - the only spa head you'll ever want or need. Keep hair out of your face during makeup application or facial cleansing with this spa headband made of eco-friendly materials. Natural feels great!

  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Must-have for your self-care routine
  • Convenient and Comfortable
  • Sits firmly yet gently on the skin without the rub
  • Eco-friendly, Sustainable, & Cruelty-free

BENEFITS: This headband improves drying time and helps keep hair away from the face during cleansing or makeup application. The Only Spa Headband is a natural beauty product made of bamboo and is the perfect addition to daily routines. Quality-made and Cruelty-free.

HOW TO USE: Put on the headband and gently push it back to your hairline until your hair is out of the way. Clean your face or apply makeup with ease. Machine wash and dry.