Ultimate One Trisorb Men 60 Caps

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The Ultimate One™ Trisorb™ Men is formulated specifically for men aged 18 – 50 and contains high levels of Vitamin D and Zinc as highly absorbable nano-particles plus the antioxidant power of Green Tea and Saw Palmetto to support prostate health and the health of the whole male system. This targeted men’s formula also contains 5 mg of iron to support an active lifestyle; high levels of B vitamins, Ginseng and 4 super absorbable mineral triturates to support energy and metabolism; Calcium and Magnesium in a perfect 2:1 ratio to support healthy bones and teeth; Muira Puama to support sexual health, plus much more!


  • Helps support prostate health
  • Supports an active lifestyle and metabolism
  • Helps improve sexual gland function, energy & stamina




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Ultimate One Trisorb Men 60 Caps