Wild Oil of Oregano 30mL

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At Hedd Wyn Essentials we are firmly committed to providing the best of what Nature has to offer in its original composition, as nature designed it. In our products, you will find essential oils, herbs and foods which are wildcrafted or grown using organic methods of cultivation, free of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Our Certified Organic wildcrafted Oil of Oregano is made from wild Mediterranean Oregano, picked by hand and naturally steam distilled. No additives are used in the process and nothing is taken away. Our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is Certified Organic. This costs us more but makes a much safer and better tasting product for you, the customer.

Each bottle comes with a glass dropper and contains guaranteed certified organic wild Mediterranean oregano oil in a base of cold pressed certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

*100% Certified Organic Ingredients