Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spain 500mL

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Why was this product created ?

We offer an exceptional premium oil, produced by an award-winning private estate and providing excellent value.

Distinctive features

This premium oil can be used in cooking or as a finishing touch. No other oil on the market offers comparable quality at this price point. The label says it all:

  • Olive varieties: Manzanilla Cacereña and Picual
  • Exact origin: Sierra de Gata National Park
  • Extremely low acidity: less than 2%
  • Aromatic intensity: moderate
  • Harvest year and expiry date

Production method

The olives are crushed just a few hours after picking, ensuring maximum freshness and polyphenol levels. The oil mill is environmentally friendly and produces no waste. The only residues are pomace, which is transferred to a processing plant, the olive pits, used to power the biomass furnace, waste waters and vegetation waters, treated by a purification plant and reused to wash the olives, and finally mud, used as a fertilizer on farms after a short drying period.


Favuzzi extra-virgin olive oil is produced in the small village of Eljas, a beautiful place that even has its own dialect, "A Fala". Eljas is located in the Sierra de Gata, a small region boasting picturesque landscapes in northwestern Estremadura, a province near the Portuguese border in the southwest of Spain. The olives grow on traditional non-irrigated olive trees, capable of enduring a rougher climate.

The artisans behind the product

Favuzzi olive oil is produced by the Carrasco Lajas family, in the heart of the stunning Sierra de Gata National Park. Since the olive tree forms the main pillar for the village’s economy, the Carrasco Lajas are very focused on both environmental protection and the region’s local development, but their main ambition is to produce an oil of the best possible quality.


This perfectly balanced oil stands out with its notes of green olive, apple and banana and its bitter almond finish. Favuzzi olive oil is ideal for everyday use. Try it as is or in cooking, with fish, a carpaccio, fresh vegetables or salads.